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At your home or business, things go wrong.  Water lines burst.  Your roof leaks.  Water is standing an inch deep in your floor and you have no idea what caused it.  Whatever the issue, know that Ricky Wilson Construction is here to help.  Whether it is a large or small disaster, RWCI has the training, experience, and equipment available to remedy the problem.  We work hand in hand with you and/or your insurance company to restore your home or business back to it's original state and better.  Being a locally owned and operated business allows us to respond quickly to your emergency.  Call or send us a message to get started.

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Water.  Good for you but bad for your home or business.  Left untreated, water can cause damage that you don't even see.  A leak (no matter what size) can cause damage to your:

  • foundation

  • wall

  • flooring

  • ceiling

  • electrical system

Damage may not be visible for months or years.  Mold and bacteria could cause allergies or other health issues.  Leaving even the smallest water damage incident untreated can cause repair/restoration costs to jump if not fixed immediately.  Get in contact with one of our RSA certified technicians to get the problem fixed.

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Mold.  The word itself sounds gross.  Mold is not only visibly undesirable, but also exposes you and your family to many health risks, including:

  • coughing

  • eye/throat irritation

  • congestion

  • sneezing

  • more severe respiratory issues

Mold can typically follow some form of water damage so getting the job done quickly and correctly helps cut down the chance of mold growing.  Follow that with a proper mold treatment, and you can rest easy that issues won't crop up years down the road.  Give us a call to remedy your water or mold issue.

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